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Re Opening

June 1st

Dear Mint Family,


Thank you for your support over the last few months. We wanted to share important updates with you and are excited to announce that we are opening at a limited capacity of June 1st. If you had an appointment scheduled or wanting to get one on the books please be patient with us. Our staff has been rescheduling people from mid March in the order they were originally scheduled. 


There are adjustments that we've had to make to our salon operations. This is out of abundance caution for our staff, our guests and our community. There are internal changes to our procedures but we wanted to share the ones that will affect your visit.



1. If space allows we can accomodate extra family or friends.


2. All guests will be required to wear a mask that hooks behind the ears (all staff members will be required to wear masks as well). We will do our best not to damage your mask, it would be best to use a disposable one if you are concerned. 


3. Please call upon arrival to the salon. If space allows you may come inside to wait. This allows less people in the salon at one time and allows us to properly sanitize the area.


4. When you come in we ask that you use hand sanitizer or wash your hands. The service provider will also be required to do so prior to service. Then you will head directly to the service area with your provider. Guests will be seated at stations 6 feet apart or in a closed room.


5. Self serve beverages are not allowed at this time. If you bring one in we ask that is is in an unopened container. We will have sealed unopened beverages available when needed.


6. We are still accepting all payment types and sanitizing after every use. There are contactless options available as well.


7. Our staff will perform wellness checks on themselves prior to working and we have an infrared contactless thermometer to perform body checks as needed. If someone is feeling ill they will immediately be sent home. We kindly ask that you perform a well check prior to your visit and reschedule if you have not been feeling well, showing symptoms of COVID-19, have a fever or have been in contact with anyone showing symptoms, have a fever or tested positive for COVID-19 while showing symptoms.


8. There will be a guest release waiver to sign upon entrance. You will not have to sign it at each visit. 


9. Due to all of the extra supplies and sanitation measures you may notice a slight increase in your pricing since your previous visit. Be sure to talk about pricing during your consultation if this is a concern.


This situation has certainly brought on some challenges, but we are determined to rise to the occasion with a positive attitude and high level of professionalism. Circumstances are ever changing, they will require our constant attention and re evaluation. We ask for your understanding as we make necessary adjustments.




Amber & Crystal, Owners

Mint Salon & Spa

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